Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is responsible for the governance of the service.  There is a list of current members on the notice board and included below.

Committee meetings are held every 4-6 weeks with parent participation welcomed. If you decide to become a voluntary Committee member you will find the task both rewarding and enjoyable. The Committee makes decisions in consultation with the Director/Early Childhood Teacher so that the interests of both children and families are considered at all times.

A copy of the Committee of Management position descriptions can be viewed here.

2017 Committee of Management

President: Athena Romic

We (my husband Stephen and I) have three children at Civic in the 4 year old group and they each love attending at the kindergarten.

We have lived in the area for 10 years and look forward to being a part of the Civic Kinder community.

I was Vice President last year and enjoyed my experience.  

We chose Civic because of its program’s great reputation, setting and the wonderful commitment of the staff to the children.

Vice President: Elene Ferizis

I have lived in Albert Park for 15 years and my husband has grown up in Albert Park. Our son is in the 4 year old group and thoroughly enjoys attending each session. This is our third time in 10 years at Civic Kinder. The caring, nurturing, attentive and professional nature of Annette and staff made it an easy choice to return. Last year my role on the committee was that of Secretary and many years prior to that publishing the kinder newsletter. This year I have undertaken the role of Vice President and look forward to continuing being involved with the families and staff of this amazing kinder community.

Treasurer: Tom Goode

Tom Goode is an investment adviser at JBWere and Treasurer of Civic Kindergarten.

Our son Patrick arrived to 4 year old kindy in 2012 . Our experience with Civic has been positive all along – this is a wonderful place and the kids receive the best education, love and care they can get in this age. He couldn’t have been better prepared for school. Our daughter Mila has been attending from 2017 and has loved it from day one, she runs out the door on kindy days. We have been delighted with Civic Kindergarten and the caring, nurturing environment that is ever present at the centre. The balance between free and structured play, the low staff-child ratios, the small number of children overall makes this centre ideal.

Secretary: Polly Pritchard

I find myself the secretary of civic kindy for 2 reasons, 

1.My 5 older children attended civic from 1996 to 2004 

2.My millennium baby is now in year 12 and I find myself with just 1 at kindy and time on my hands with a compulsion to give back to this delightful kindergarten which has been the first step in all my children’s journeys and relationships with educators. A finer beginning, I could not wish for. It has been and is simply a joy for all of us.

OH & S Representative:  Olivia Serrao

We have returned to Civic kindergarten with our second child. Civic is such a special little community. The teachers are wonderful and our little boy is keen to attend eagerly waiting at the door every session.

3 Year Old Class Social Representative: Charlotte (Charlei) Hoad

I am a full time mum of 3, Eddie who is attending 4 year old kinder at Civic, Tom who is attending 3 year old kinder at Civic & Jessica who is 2.  We are relativly new to the Middle Park Community having emigrated from the UK in 2013.

4 Year Old Class Social Representative: Megan Campbell

I am a full time mother with 3 children. Ruby 6 who spent two years at Civic and is now at school. Violet who is in 4 year old kinder and Baby Eton. We are of Kiwi origin but are Albert Park locals and have enjoyed being a part of this community for the past 9 years.

Fundraising Representative: Pacquita Maher

I’m an artist and designer and a mum.  I love kids and am passionate about getting them in touch with their creativity through painting, crafting and playing the the beauty of nature! 

Policy Review Co-ordinator: Sally Murphy

I am a mum of two children, one currently attending the four year old group and one being a past student at the kindy.  My husband grew up in the area and he also attended the kinder.  My primary objective for my role this year, is to manage the kindergarten policy program and continuously improve our framework.   I look forward to working with the families and staff at Civic Kinder in 2017.

General Member: Christine Ingram 

I have lived in the area for over 10 years and have three children.  Our children have adored the time they have spent at Civic because of the beautiful play spaces and the wonderful teaching staff. As parents we have really enjoyed the warm welcoming community and the wonderful friendships we have made.