Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

Communication Protocol

Parent Electronic Communication

Civic Kindergarten employ a variety of tools in our communication with you;  

Email is our method for formal communication so please ensure your email address is current.  Please create as a contact to ensure our email communication does not go into your junk box.

Civic Kindergarten use an App called StoryPark Families. This is a free App (downloadable from your phone’s App Store) for our families that provide an interactive, fun filled photo album that captures your child’s learning and allows educators to observe progress and revisit learning over time with your child.  It is private, safe and importantly, secure.  You will receive an invitation to join.

This kindergarten website; is always updated and provides general information for the kindergarten including the full suite of the kindergarten’s governing Policies and Procedures which parents can access at any time.

@ Kinder General Communication

There are small hessian pockets located in the kindergarten foyer, each with a child’s name and photo attached. These are used by the Committee and the Director to communicate with parents and may also be useful to be used between parents.  Letters and notices related to the running of the kindergarten will be placed here for you to collect.  Please check daily.

The noticeboard in the Kindergarten foyer is updated with news, activities, and events. Have a quick look each time you sign in / sign out your child.