Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

COVID Protocol

If your child is unwell or showing cold/flu like symptoms please keep them at home until they are feeling better and these symptoms have passed.

We are doing the best we can to reduce any COVID and Flu transmission and this extends to children staying home if they are unwell.

Reporting a COVID case or Close Contact.

Supporting Civic Kindergarten

It has been a difficult time for our Civic Community with COVID continuing to wreak havoc on daily rituals and routines. The health and wellbeing of our community is the first priority and this includes everyone impacted directly and indirectly by COVID.

1. Please let Natalie know if your child is a COVID positive case and or if your child is a close contact to a COVID positive household member.

2. Please advise Natalie the date that the child tested positive or was first exposed to a COVID positive household member.

3. The affected child must then isolate for 7 days from the notified date before returning to the service.

Kindergarten Arrival (drop off and pick up) – Covid Procedures.

Each morning, on arrival please wait outside the kindergarten on a footpath pink square, maintaining 1.5metres from other families.  The Kindergarten Educator will welcome one family at a time and check your child’s temperature prior to each child entering the foyer.  Please ensure adults wear masks as per state government guidelines at the time.  The Kindergarten Educator will provide instructions to you and your child regarding bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles storage. 

The Kindergarten Educator will also direct your child to the bathroom to wash and dry their hands prior to commencing the session.

The Kindergarten educator will sign in your child on your behalf on arrival during COVID procedures. 

The Kindergarten Teacher will dismiss your child outside the entrance of the kindergarten foyer to the nominated person collecting the child.

DET Issued Rapid Antigen Tests for Enrolled Kindergarten Children.

We receive delivery of rapid antigen tests (RAT test) from DET for the kindergarten children.

There will be one pack for each child, it contains 5 RAT tests which will last two and a half weeks (2 tests per week). Please note your child will only receive a maximum of two boxes during this period (ends 8th April 2022).

Natalie will hand out a RAT test pack to each parent at drop off. Please note these tests are only for the children attending Civic Kinder, not other family members.

Twice-a-week testing is strongly recommended for both staff and children. This is voluntary, and participation in rapid antigen testing is not a condition of attending the service.

If your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms they must:
• undertake a rapid antigen test (RAT test) and or a PCR test as soon as possible
• self-quarantine until they receive a negative result
• not attend the service until their acute symptoms have resolved and they are well.
If a negative result is received, repeat a RAT test within 24 hours (only if symptomatic). If both RAT tests are negative and still symptomatic, consider getting a PCR test.

If your child is reluctant to complete the RAT test due to being uncomfortable you could try for the child to swab their own nose (this has been feedback we have received from other parents).

This program will run as per advice from the Department of Education.