Civic Kindergarten

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Eligibility Requirements:

Three-Year-Old Program.

Children are eligible to attend Civic Kindergarten’s three-year-old program when they have turned three years of age prior to 30th of April in the year they are attending.  Where a child turns three in the same year, their commencement date will be from their birthday (this applies to children whose birthday falls up to 30th April only).  

It is very important however, that families/guardians carefully assess whether or not their child is confidently ready for the start of their kindergarten journey.

Once a child starts 3-year-old kindergarten, they are then on the path to move into 4-year-old kindergarten the following year and then school the next year. Ultimately if a child starts 3-year-old kindergarten too early they may not be ready for 4-year-old kindergarten and then school.  It is important to know children are unable to complete two years of three-year-old kindergarten at sessional kindergartens as directed by the Department of Education.

​We do not want to see children struggling through either of these preschool years and certainly do not want to send children off to school before they are ready.  We see no disadvantage when children start kindergarten a little later. In fact, the longer you give your child to mature socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively, the more prepared they will be for preschool and school and the more they will get out of these experiences.

Over the years, our observation has been that children who turn 3 between January and April benefit from waiting a year and starting 3-year-old kindergarten the following year. While every child develops differently and has had different experiences in their early years, it is often the case that younger children can sometimes find kinder very challenging. Things that children feel very comfortable doing at home with their family sometimes become very challenging in a large group environment.

Please contact the Kindergarten – Director of Teaching to discuss eligibility for enrolment.

Four-Year-Old Program.

To attend the four year-old kindergarten, children must have turned four before 30th of April of the year they are attending. 

*Please note, children are eligible to complete two years of four year old kindergarten at this service only if they are not meeting (minimum), two of the five developmental areas.

Please contact the Kindergarten – Director of Teaching to discuss eligibility for enrolment.

Refer to the Policies section of this website for a copy of the Enrolment and Orientation Policy.

Enrolment Application and Offer Process:

Offers are sent out in June of the year prior to commencement.

*Vulnerable children are given priority,  followed by siblings of children who have previously attended Civic Kindergarten and offers are then made chronologically from the date a child was placed on the Civic Kindergarten waitlist. 

Children must be permanent residents of the City of Port Phillip at the commencement of the kindergarten program and proof of residency will be required at the time of enrolment.

An Immunisation History Certificate Statement will be required at the time of providing a completed enrolment waitlist application.  As of 1st January 2016, all parents/guardians planning to enrol their child at a kindergarten in Victoria must provide the service with evidence that their child is:

  • fully immunised for their age; or
  • on a vaccination catch-up program; or
  • unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.

‘No Jab, No Play’ is the name of legislation that requires all children to be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption to be enrolled in childcare or kindergarten in Victoria.  For further information, refer to the Victorian Government website.

Waitlist Procedure:

Children can be placed on the Civic Kindergarten waitlist once they have turned 2 years of age. To place your child on our waitlist please download the Enrolment Application Form (refer to the relevant form below) and email return to the kindergarten along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate, Up-to-date Immunisation History Statement, proof of residency in the municipality and copy of the EFT showing proof of payment for the $50 non-refundable registration waitlist fee.

2023-2026 Enrolment Application Form (upcoming years):

Civic Kindergarten Enrolment Waitlist Application Form 2023-2026 PDF (269KB)


Detailed fee schedules and direct debit dates are listed within the Fees Information Tab and Session Times Information Tab, respectively.

Term 1 Fees must be received in full in the timeframe listed on the child’s letter of offer as a secure Enrolment Deposit.  Payment of Term 1 fees within the stipulated dates listed on the letter of offer will secure a child’s place within the kindergarten program.  Term Fees and deposits are non-refundable (except where nominating to opt-in to the ‘Free Kinder Payment’ otherwise refunds are processed only in exceptional circumstances with a retained $100 administration fee.

Subseqent Term Fees will occur as a direct debit as outlined by the kindergarten fee schedule communicated within the enrolment pack.

Guidelines for Fee Subsidy:
The following parents are eligible to receive a fee subsidy for a 15 hours per week 4 year-old and 3 year old kindergarten program:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card holders
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card holders
  • Asylum seeker bridging visas A-F
  • Temporary Protection/Humanitarian visas 447, 451, 785 and 786
  • Refugee and Special Humanitarian visas 200-217

If any parents have difficulty in making any of the payments, we would encourage you to discuss the matter with the Director of Teaching or the Treasurer. Strict confidentiality will be maintained.

Please refer to Services Australia for information pertaining to child care subsidies and opting into the free kinder payment funding via this link