Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

Communication, art and birthdays


There are small hessian pockets with each child’s name and photo in the foyer.

These are used by the Committee and the Director to communicate with parents.  All letters, invoices and notices related to the running of the kindergarten will be placed here for you to collect.  Please check daily.

If your child is hurt during his or her time at kindergarten, staff will assess and treat and complete an accident and injury form, which you will be asked to sign at pick up time.  This form will then be on your child’s file for future reference.

In the event that your child sustains an injury to the head during play you will be contacted and required to come and collect your child immediately and keep under close observation.

Birthday celebrations

Each child’s birthday is celebrated at kindergarten with his or her friends who think about the kind and caring things they can do to make the birthday child feel special.

Parents are not permitted to bring cakes or other sweet treats for birthdays due to allergies and our commitment to promoting healthy food habits.  Please speak to the Director for further information.

Any party invitations must be placed in the communication pockets in the foyer and not distributed in session time.  Please be mindful and discreet when delivering or accepting invitations at kindergarten.  Naturally not all children will be invited and no one likes to realise that they are not included.

Please read our policy here Birthday Celebrations Policy (DOCX) 96KB.

Art work

Children’s art work often needs time to dry before taking home. Once dry however, it is folded and filed in a basket for you to take home and enjoy.

It is not essential for you to take home your child’s work if he or she is not interested in it. Children of this age often enjoy the process rather than being interested in the finished product.