Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

Lunch and Snack Guidelines

The kindergarten will advise if there is a known food allergy within your child’s kindergarten group.  We ask families within that group, to avoid sending in that particular food in your own child’s snack and lunch boxes.

Please pack a small snack-sized morning tea in a named reusable container AND a second container with lunch for your child to enjoy. Foods such as cheese and biscuits, cut fruit, dips and vegetables, small sandwich or bread roll, etc, depending on your child’s appetite and preference, are healthy and appetising. The practice of bringing a water bottle will continue so that children can drink whenever they feel thirsty throughout the session.

Civic Kindergarten has a Nutrition and Food Safety Policy in place to ensure that children are eating well and developing healthy life choices during their time with us.  This policy naturally excludes sweet sugary biscuits, muesli bars, fruit roll-ups and cakes, chips and snack foods as well as NUTS.

Please keep treats for home.

The inclusion of a small snack box to enjoy mid-morning comes from a desire to cater to all children’s needs and will offer us all more flexibility for children with differing energy levels and appetites. As you know, young children require frequent small meals to maintain their concentration and sense of wellbeing and it is common for children to still be fussy and quite specific about their likes and dislikes related to food.

Children will sit in small groups together at the tables (either indoor/outdoor) to enjoy their snack and staff will sit and be part of this relaxed social setting.  Meal times will be progressive for the 4 year old program to cater for individual needs and the 3 year old program eat together.

We also encourage sustainability and suggest including food items which are free of commercial packaging. We compost any food scraps into our worm farm.

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