Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park


At Civic Kindergarten we acknowledge the unique time of early childhood by providing a stimulating play-based and developmentally-appropriate educational program based on sound pedagogy and research.

We know that children are motivated to learn when they feel good about themselves, confidently able to explore friendships, experiences and interests.

We encourage children to bring their unique interests to the program to extend and enrich their knowledge and understanding of their world.

We favour the use of natural materials to further complement and enhance the indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

We value the environment and adopt sustainable practices to support children’s learning in this area.

We value each child as an individual, and our planning for each child is guided by effective, collaborative and reflective practice principles.

We believe that positive interaction and sensitive, nurturing relationships are fundamental elements for all children to thrive and develop during their preschool years.

We include and welcome children with additional needs in our program and understand that early intervention and inclusion is critical in gaining successful outcomes for all children.

We acknowledge the critical importance of the partnership between families and staff in the children’s learning environment and we work towards positive and respectful relationships in order to provide the highest quality program for each child.

Staff are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where predictable routines and positive encouragement support each child’s learning and development.

The Management Committee fully supports the National Quality Framework and the continued professional development of each staff member in the interests of providing a high quality children’s service.