Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

Educational Program

Our curriculum is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).  This framework identifies 5 ‘outcomes’ for young children:

  1. Children have a strong sense of IDENTITY
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world – COMMUNITY
  3. Children have a strong sense of WELL BEING
  4. Children are confident and involved LEARNERS
  5. Children are effective COMMUNICATORS

The program is planned by staff in response to their knowledge and understandings of early childhood development and their observations of the children’s interests, skill levels and individual developmental journey.  Our teachers love to hear about your child’s emerging interests, experiences and relationships and view collaboration with parents as being critical to providing a meaningful and relevant program at kindergarten.

The current program for both groups is on display in the foyer.

Children are planned for on an individual basis as well as part of the whole group.

There are a number of core experiences provided for children to enjoy and learn from in our high quality preschool program – block building, drawing and painting, clay and dough, collage and 3D construction, water play, sand and mud play, manipulative and puzzles, design and colour (light table), numeracy, literacy, music and movement, singing and rhyme, ball skills, climbing and balancing.

The children’s garden area is as important as the indoor playroom and the spaces are flexible and often changing to accommodate the children’s interests and needs.  The program encompasses both areas and children will be encouraged to explore all areas widely.

Incursions are planned for both groups and the 4yr old group also enjoys an excursion out of the kindergarten during 3rd or 4th term to enrich the current program.

During term 4 all children moving onto school will have a Transition Statement completed to assist with a smooth transition to the next step of their education.  There is a section for parents to complete and a section for our Kindergarten Teacher to complete before it is sent to the relevant prep teacher.  You will also be given a copy and a second copy remains on file at the kindergarten for 7 years.

Please make an appointment with the Director should you need to discuss any issues related to your child.

Parent help and involvement 

Parents are always welcome to be involved in the program and when restrictions allow, we look forward to inviting parents back into the centre to bring along any special talents such as cooking, singing, story reading and telling, paper aeroplane making, cubby building, playing an instrument etc.