Civic Kindergarten

Middle Park

Pee Wee PE

‘Pee Wee’ P.E. is a curriculum based physical education program specifically designed for pre-schoolers.

It aims to develop children’s fundamental gross motor skills through skill based exercise and gameplay. Gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping and skipping are taught and cultivated throughout the program and merged with other various skills and games.

The skills learned are first steps in sporting activities some of which include throwing and catching, kicking and trapping, hitting and striking in bat and racquet sports and finally putting all those skills into game play.

Children are continually challenged to reach their full potential as we know every child is unique and develop in their own way. The program promotes physical activity as fun and enjoyable and empowers children to have the necessary confidence to participate in all aspects of sport and exercise.

Children also develop excellent communication skills in the form of listening to instructions and following direction, as well as the skill of working in pairs and teams.

The 4 year old group of children at Civic Kindergarten participate in Pee Wee PE weekly (in two small groups) with our male teacher, Shawn, from the Hartwell Foundation.